• .XLR & 1/4” phone jack combo - input connector
  • .XLR - output connector
  • .Polarity reverse button (Channel 2 only)
  • .Ground lift button
  • .Isolated transformer ensures flat frequency response and low distortion
  • .Ultra-rugged, road-suitable aluminum case
  • .Rubber feet pads


The ISO-2 of UNiKA isolator/balancer is one of our popular products. ISO-2 is a two-channel isolation box and line balancer. As an isolation unit, use it to isolate lines to press and video feeds or on-stage power amplifiers. It’s a handy hum and buzz fighter for broadcast or live sound applications. As a balancer, it converts unbalanced lines from CD players, tape decks, etc. to balanced for long cable runs. The ISO-2 isolator/balancer is ideal for instrumental rigs, studios, and pro audio. Every ISO-2 isolator/balancer has been thoroughly tested and offers the best value at an affordable price.


ISO-2 is a two-channel line level isolation box and line balancer. Use it to help eliminate hum and buzz caused by long cable runs or to convert unbalanced lines to balanced in high noise environments. Its isolated transformer ensures flat frequency response and low distortion.

The ISO-2 features two XLR & 1/4” phone jack combo input connectors that accept balanced or unbalanced connections, two XLR output connectors, and two ground lift buttons for each channel to eliminate hum. Channel 2 features a handy polarity reverse button to correct for opposite polarity signals for mis-wired cables.

The ISO-2 Isolators/Balancers are all made in ultra-rugged, road-suitable aluminum case with stackable rubber pads designed. 

For more details about the UNiKA ISOLATOR/BALANCER, please contact UNiKA Professional Audio at +886 2 2793-3017. Also, visit the UNiKA Electronic Co., Ltd. website at www.unika.com.tw


Input Two XLR & 1/4” Phone Jack Combo Connectors
Output Two XLR Connectors
Frequency Response (20Hz~20KHz) ±0.5dB @+10dB Input
Maximum Input Level +28dBm
Input Impedance 600 Ω
Output Impedance 600 Ω
Total Harmonic Distortion <1% @+20dB
Common-Mode Rejection Ratio <-60dB @10kHz
Dimensions (H×W×D) 150 x 134 x 63mm
Weight 600g